Revision History

27-Dec-2011 Added Comment Period on Mystic Valley Pkwy GLX extension. Updated quotation, Coming Events. Fixed some bad links.
18-Dec-2011 Added Comment Period on Porter Sq. Zoning. Updated quotation, Coming Events.
14-Dec-2011 Updated: 12/14/SRA Mtg (agenda)
11-Dec-2011 Added: 12/15 SRA Mtg, 12/14 MBTA Inv. Mtg, SRA information sources, 2012 Somerville City Budget. Updated: 12/14 MWRA Mtg, quotation, Coming Events.
4-Dec-2011 Beat Reports: 11/28 SRA meeting. Added: 12/8 Des. Rev. Comm. Mtg, 12/14 GLX Mtg, Rt. 16 Com Prd, 2012 Coming Events archive. Updated: 12/7 ZBA Hrg, 12/14 MWRA Mtg, Davis Square Bridge Club description, quotation, Coming Events.
29-Nov-2011 Agendas: ZBA Mtg (11/30), PB Mtg (12/1).
27-Nov-2011 Events: Added Som. Redev Auth Mtg (11/8) ZBA Mtg (11/30), Assessors Mtg (12/1), PB Mtg (12/1), Mystic Riverfront Park Mtg (12/6), Mystic River Steering Comm Mtg (12/7), GLX Des Mtg (12/7), ZBA Hearing (12/7), Grand Junction Mtg (12/8), MWRA BoD Mtg (12/14). Descriptions: Added Grand Junction Commuter Rail Project, Somerville Redevel Auth blurb, deleted Somerville Parking Increase, updated A.S. Mixed Use Proj., quotation and Coming Events.
20-Nov-2011 Events: Des Rev Comm mtg (11/22), Cons Comm mtg (11/22), Board of Assessors Public Hearing (11/22). Descriptions: Somerville Board of Assessors link, updated links to Federal EPA Region 1. Beat Reports: 10/10/11 PB. Routine: Quotation and Coming Events.
13-Nov-2011 Added 11/14 launch, 11/16 ZBA meeting, 11/17 PB meeting, 11/21 Community Path hearing. Updated Comprehensive Plan Process, Community Path Project, OSPCD link, GLX Project, quotation and Coming Events.
6-Nov-2011 Added Resistat meetings, rights of way comment period, A.S. T-Stop meeting (11/15). Updated A.S. T-Stop description, Resistat description. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
31-Oct-2011 Added MBTA Community Meeting (11/2). Updated ZBA (11/2) and PB (11/3) agendas.
30-Oct-2011 Added MWRA Board of Directors meeting schedule. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
23-Oct-2011 Added Conserv. Comm. Mtg (10/25), MyRWA Ann Mtg (10/25), Comp. Plan. Steering Mtg (10/26), Des. Rev. Comm. Mtg (10/27), ZBA Mtg (11/2), PB Mtg (11/3). Updated FRIT links. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
16-Oct-2011 Updated GLX EA Meeting (10/20). Updated quotation and Coming Events.
11-Oct-2011 Added ZBA Meeting (10/19) and PB Meeting (10/20).
9-Oct-2011 Added Bus Route 77 Meeting (10/11), GLX Maintenance Facillity Meeting (10/12), Rutherford Ave. Meeting (10/18), GLX EA Meeting (10/20), GLX Mystic Valley Pkwy Meeting (11/2). Updated Rutherford Avenue / Sullivan Square Project description. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
2-Oct-2011 Updated quotation.
1-Oct-2011 Added 9/26 ASPAC and 9/29 DRC Beat Reports. Added 10/5 ZBA meeting. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
25-Sep-2011 Resched. 9/22 Des. Rev. Comm. 9/29. Added 9/26 Assembly Sq. PAC Mtg. Updated 10/5 MVTF Ann Mtg. Updated A.S. Mixed-Use Devel., A. R. DIF. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
18-Sep-2011 Added 9/22 Des. Rev. Comm., 9/22 Som. Comm. Path Workshop, 8/5 MVTF Ann. Mtg. Updated 9/19 Comp Plan S.C. Updated quotation and Coming Events, fixed some links.
15-Sep-2011 Added 9/15 PB Beat Report.
11-Sep-2011 Added 9/18 Union Sq. Tour, 9/19 Comp Plan S.C., 9/20 Grounding MacGrath, 9/21 ZBA, 9/22 Boston MPO. Added description of TIP process to MPO/TIP description. Added links to SV What Is MPO article, Beat Report on Des. Rev. Comm, and testimony on Assembly Square River Park and MPO TIP. Updated 9/13 TIP comment period, 9/15 PB meeting. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
6-Sep-2011 Added 9/8 Des Rev Comm meeting.
5-Sept-2011 Added 9/6 ZBA meeting, 9/15 PB meeting, 9/4 Porter Sq. Visioning meeting, 9/15 Walking Routes meeting, 9/13 DEP Public Meeting on Green Line Delay. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
28-Aug-2011 Added 9/1 P.B. meeting, 9/7 ZBA meeting, MPO TIP comment period. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
20-Aug-2011 Updated quotation and Coming Events.
13-Aug-2011 Updated 8/17 ZBA meeting. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
7-Aug-2011 Added 8/10 RTAC meeting. Updated 8/17 ZBA meeting. Updated Mystic River Master Plan, MPO, and Green Line Extension descriptions. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
31-Jul-2011 Fixed 8/8 events page. Updated 8/3 ZBA meeting. Added placeholders for 8/17 ZBA, 8/18 PB, 8/23 CC, 8/25 DRC meetings. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
24-Jul-2011 Added 8/3 ZBA meeting and notice about Assembly Square Riverfront Park. Added Mystic River Master Plan and WalMart in Assembly Square projects. Posted link to posting on WalMart. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
17-Jul-2011 Added 7/20 DCR meeting on A.S. Riverfront Park. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
10-Jul-2011 Updated 7/13 ZBA and 7/14 PB meetings. Updated quotation.
1-Jul-2011 Added 7/13 ZBA and 7/14 PB meetings. Updated Coming Events.
27-Jun-2011 Added 6/27 P.B. meeting. Updated quotation, Coming Events.
19-Jun-2011 Added Comp Plan Steering Comm mtg 6/20. Added links to refutations of Tragedy of the Commons. Updated quotation, Coming Events.
13-Jun-2011 Added SciTech links.
12-Jun-2011 Added SciTech links.
11-Jun-2011 Added Tragedy of the Commons link. Added 6/13 Design Review., 6/22 ZBA, 6/23 PB meetings.Updated quotation, SciTech links, Coming Events. Flattened list hierarchies.
5-Jun-2011 Updated SciTech links.
4-Jun-2011 Updated GLX station meeting info and Inner Belt description, added PB and ZBA agendas. Added Inner Belt walkabout. Updated quotation, Coming Events, SciTech links.
30-May-2011 Added GLX station meetings, PB and ZBA meetings. Updated GLX description, quotation, Coming Events, SciTech links.
22-May-2011 Added Porter Square Visioning Process description and link to 5/24 Porter Square Visioning public meeting. Began Sci/Tech link list. Updated and sorted quotations. Updated Coming Events.
15-May-2011 Added A.S. Orange Line T-Stop Ch. 91. Added agendas to 5/18 ZBA and 5/19 PB meetings. Added link to MEPA and MEPA Environmental Monitor and to analysis of extending existing maintenance facility to cover Green Line Extension. Replaced all Notices on banners with Environmental Monitor links. Updated Updated Coming Events and quotation.
8-May-2011 Added 5/18 ZBA and 5/19 PB meetings, 3/12 and 3/17 GLX meetings, Rt. 28 Boardwalk Ch. 91. Added Agenda links to all City Commissions of current interest. Updated Coming Events and quotation. Did global search-and-replace on all links to City Agenda page.
1-May-2011 Added 5/2 FinComm DIF meeting, 5/2 and 5/3 BOA DIF meeting, 5/4 MassDOT meeting, 5/5 P.B. meeting. Updated Assembly Square DIF description, Assembly Square T-Stop description, Coming Events and quotation. Many City links are stale and have to be updated.
17-Apr-2011 Updated 4/21 P.B. hearing. Added 4/20 H&CD meeting, 4/21 FinComm meeting, 4/25 Transit Financing panel. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
10-Apr-2011 Added 4/13 FinComm hearing. Updated 4/21 P.B. hearing, A. S. DIF and Assembly Square Self-Storage project description. Updated Coming Events and quotation..
5-Apr-2011 Updated P.B. meeting with agenda. Added quotation.
3-Apr-2011 Added 4/4 Conservation Comm. Meeting, 4/5 GLX Advisory Comm. Meeting, 4/6 Finance Committee meeting, 4/7 P.B. meeting. Cleaned W-ZHA report references. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
27-Mar-2011 Updated 4/21 P.B. event description. Updated A.S. Orange Line, Assembly Square Development, and A.S. Self-Storage project descriptions. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
23-Mar-2011 Added 3/24 Design Review Committee meeting.
20-Mar-2011 Added Assembly Row DIF Bond Hearing, 3/23 PB hearing, screening of The Economics of Happiness. Updated OSPCD and Assembly Row DIF descriptions, Coming Events, and quotation.
15-Mar-2011 Added agenda to 3/17/11 PB meeting.
13-Mar-2011 Updated 3/17/11 PB meeting. Added placeholders for April PB meetings. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
6-Mar-2011 Updated Coming Events.
27-Feb-2011 Added placeholder for 3/17/11 Planning Board meeting. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
22-Feb-2011 Moved DIF Governing Meeting to 3/10/11. Added Design Rev. Comm. meeting 2/24. Updated descriptions of Assem. Row DIF and Self-Storage in Assem. Sq.
20-Feb-2011 Added Somerville DIF Governing Body meeting. Added March SomerVision events on Comp Plan. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
14-Feb-2011 Added link to Comp Plan Steer Comm March 2011 flier.
13-Feb-2011 Added links to Comp Plan Steer Comm meetings. Updated MaxPac public hearing to add notice. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
6-Feb-2011 Added GLX meeting on Route 16 Extension and Comp Plan Steering Comm meetings 3/16, 4/12, 5/10. Updated bad MPO and ResiState links. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
30-Jan-2011 Added 2/3 Planning Board meeting 2/17/ Legislative Matters Committee meeting. Updated Coming Events.
24-Jan-2011 Per request by Keith Craig, revised description of Comp Plan meeting to state that group would start constructing maps.
23-Jan-2011 Added STEP meeting and Comp Plan Steering Committee meeting.
18-Jan-2011 Added Planning Board agenda and link.
16-Jan-2011 Added Legislative Matters meeting on MaxPak petition and Planning Board meeting. Updated MaxPak description. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
9-Jan-2011 Added Comp Plan Steering Committee and Climate Change Committee meetings. Added e-democracy and open public meeting links and link to Legislative Matters Committee meeting on Stretch Energy Code. Added 2011 placeholders. called out Beat Reporter project on latest updates page and in Policy directory. Updated Coming Events and quotations.
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