2010 Revision History

16-Dec-2010 Fixed error in location of P.B. meeting. Updated quotation.
12-Dec-2010 Added Planning Board meeting 12/16/10. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
6-Dec-2010 Split Somerville Community Path link into two lines.
5-Dec-2010 Added Open Neighborhood Interactive Somerville, BOA H&CD meeting, STEP meeting on Grand Junction. Updated Somerville Community Path description. Updated Coming Events and quotation. Added stub 2011 archive.
1-Dec-2010 Added Assembly Square DIF BOA meeting and BOA Land Use Committee meeting on Assembly Square self-storage. Updated Assembly Square DIF description. Updated Coming Events. Made other tweaks.
20-Nov-2010 Added Gilman Sq. Walkaround material. Updated Coming Events.
19-Nov-2010 Added material on Assembly Row DIF application and 11/22 hearing. Updated quotation.
16-Nov-2010 Added 11/22 STEP Meeting. Moved Oral Testimony link to Information Sources. Added links to Latest Uploads permanent material on Beat Reporter. Updated Coming Events.
14-Nov-2010 Added draft Policies and Actions from Comp Plan. Updated 11/15 Comp Plan Steering Comm Meeting. Added Legislative Matters, Planning Board, and ResiState meetings. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
7-Nov-2010 Added event on eCitizen Public Agendas teleconference. Fixed GLX Design Working Group schedule. Added link to PDFs for Somerville zoning map, large format parking ordinance, parking ordinance staff report.
6-Nov-2010 Added testimony and scenarios on Self-Storage ordinance. Added published location for Curse of Tsongas. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
4-Nov-2010 Added links to Aldermanic committees.
1-Nov-2010 Added Friends of the Community Path meeting and description.
31-Oct-2010 Added Somerville Meeting Portal link. Updated Assembly Square project description. Updated Coming Events.
25-Oct-2010 Added event "A Sea Change".
24-Oct-2010 Added Craigie Drawbridge events. Updated Coming Events. To simplify maintenance, changed headers for future updates to point to past and coming events pages rather than to linked list of past events.
20-Oct-2010 Added Planning Board/Land Use Comm meeting 11/4, updated Planning Board 10/21 meeting, added Self-Storage in Assembly Square project.
17-Oct-2010 Added STEP meeting, BOA Housing and Comm Devel meeting, GLX Design Group meeting. Updated GLX and Union Square project descriptions. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
4-Oct-2010 Added Comp Plan Steering Comm meetings, added Craigie Drawbridge event. Updated links to new pages. Added DIF material to Latest Updates.
3-Oct-2010 Added FinComm DIF hearing and Planning Board meeting. Updated DIF description and A.S. Mixed-Use description. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
26-Sep-2010 Added GLX Meetings 9/28 and 9/29. Added Longfellow Bridge upgrade description. Updated Coming Events and GLX description.
23-Sep-2010 Updated BOA meeting description. Added Somerville Redevelopment Authority meeting description.
21-Sep-2010 Added pointer to Assembly Square Change-of-Use Ordinance.
20-Sep-2010 Added MVTF Annual Meeting event 9/25. Updated quotation.
19-Sep-2010 Updated Comp Plan Steering Comm meeting description. Added ASMD Self-Storage Ordinance PDF. Updated AS Orange Line T-Stop and AS Mixed-Use Development project descriptions. Updated Coming Events and quotation..
15-Sep-2010 Updated Planning Board hearing writeup and tweaked DIF program description. Added 9/23 BoA meeting.
12-Sep-2010 Added Assembly Square Ch 91 Public Hearing, DIF Public Hearing, HUD Grant Public Hearing, DIF program description. Reordered Contents heading. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
5-Sep-2010 Removed top frame and moved rev date and quotation to top of Contents frame. Replaced MPO link with Boston.com Public Notices link and ResiStat link with Somerville News Notices link in header/footer in all Coming Events. Fixed day of week on 9/9 event. Updated Coming Events.
30-Aug-2010 Added map of Diesel Cafe area to Davis Square Bridge Club description.
29-Aug-2010 Added 8/30 MBTA Rescheduled 8/14 Comp Plan Steering Committee to 9/20. Updated Coming Events and Quotation.
22-Aug-2010 Added My God's Better Than Your God. Added 9/2 and 9/16 Planning Board meetings, Historic Preservation Commission meeting and Accessibility Forum. Added Designing for Pedestrian Safety webinars 5 and 6. Updated 9/14 Comp Plan Steering Committee event. Added weekly placeholders for rest of year. Updated Coming Events and Quotation.
16-Aug-2010 Returned location of O.S.J.L. meeting to 8/17 at Peabody House.
15-Aug-2010 Updated location of Ocean State Job Lot meeting to 8/19 @ City Hall. Updated Coming Events and Quotation.
7-Aug-2010 Updated Comprehensive Plan 8/11 description. Changed 8/19 Planning Board meeting to 8/24. Added Ocean State Job Lots meeting 8/17. Updated Coming Events.
31-Jul-2010 Updated Coming Events and quotation.
25-Jul-2010 Updated Coming Events. Made "importance" section of event announcements less stuffy.
19-Jul-2010 Fixed typos in Beat Reporter Proposal.
18-Jul-2010 Updated Beat Reporter Proposal, Assembly Square and Broadway projects. Added Designing for Pedestrian Safety webinar. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
11-Jul-2010 Added 8/5 and 8/19 Planning Board meetings. Fixed typo in Curse of Tsongas.
9-Jul-2010 Added 7/13 MassDOT Accelerated Bridge meeting. Added MassDOT Highway, Transit, Aeronautical divisions to state info sources.
5-Jul-2010 Added 7/15/10 Planning Board Meeting. Updated Beat Reporter Proposal.
4-Jul-2010 Added Historic Preservation Commission Hearing. Updated Beat Reporter Proposal. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
30-Jun-2010 Added placeholder for 7/18/10 Citizen Scientist training.
29-Jun-2010 Added e-mail for submitting Green Line Extension FEIR comments. Added A.S. PAC meeting.
27-Jun-2010 Added Ocean State Job Lot event. Added link to Beat Reporter blog. Updated Coming Events. Updated quotation.
23-Jun-2010 Added Planning Board agenda information.
22-Jun-2010 Updated Planning Board meeting to occur in High School Auditorium.
20-Jun-2010 Added Green Line Extension FEIR meetings. Added Budget hearing and Planning Board hearing. Updated Coming Events.
15-Jun-2010 Fixed bad link. Added quotation.
13-Jun-2010 Added Green Line Extension FEIR to project and events. Updated Red Line-Blue Line Connector project. Updated Coming Events.
8-Jun-2010 Added quotation.
7-Jun-2010 Added Place Matters documentary reference.
6-Jun-2010 Added Boston MPO Info Session, East Somerville Community Meeting, Legislative Matters Committee to Events. Added Historical Preservation Commission and Historic Preservation Information to Information Sources.
31-May-2010 Added Joint Meeting of Planning Board and Committee on Land Use, Metropolitan Area Planning Council Annual Meeting, Davis Square Visioning Meeting, BOA Committee on Housing and Community Development, Planning Board Meeting. Updated quotation and Coming Events.
23-May-2010 Added Legislative Matters meeting. Rescheduled Comp. Plan Steering Comm. meeting. Updated Ward 6 ResiStat meeting. Added quotation. Updated Coming Events.
20-May-2010 Rescheduled Ward 6 ResiStat meeting. Added quotation.
18-May-2010 Added ResiStat meetings (Wards 1 - 6) and SomerStreets Program. Added Planning Board agenda.
16-May-2010 Added 5/20 Planning Board meeting. Updated Coming Events.
11-May-2010 Added CCP/STEP Green Line workshops.
9-May-2010 Added Curse of Tsongas. Rescheduled H&CD Comm. Mtg. to 5/17. Added Leg. Matters Comm. Mtg. 5/12 and Green Line Extension public workshops. Updated Coming Events and quotation.
5-May-2010 Added link to Planning Board agenda.
2-May-2010 Added agendas for Housing & Comm. Devel. meetings. Added 2B Green Expo and Somerville City cleanup. Updated Current Events. Added link anchor for cleanup event.
25-Apr-2010 Added Housing and Comm. Development meeting, Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, MBTA Rider Oversight meeting, summer Comprehensive Planning Committee meeting. Added Assembly Square FEIR testimony and link to STEP proposal for Green Line design workshop. Added blog entry on Beat Reporter blog. Updated quotation and Current Events.
20-Apr-2010 Added Open Meeting Law comment.
18-Apr-2010 Added link to Jadwiga Forbes obituary. Added Constitution Rally blog entry. Added Blueback Herring meeting, Zofnass conference, Davis Square Visioning Meeting, 5/6 Planning Board meeting. Reordered Projects. Updated quotation and Current Events.
17-Apr-2010 Added 4/15 P.B. blog entries.
14-Apr-2010 Added another Sarah Palin blog entry.
12-Apr-2010 Added Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals agendas.
11-Apr-2010 Added Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings and Earth Day Cleanup. Added link to PB and ZBA Decisions page and Gentle Giant Rowing Club. Added HUD Hearing blog entry and Sarah Palin blog entry. Updated Quotations and Current Events.
4-Apr-2010 Added Committee on Housing and Community Development meeting, Committee on Parks and Open Space meeting, Transit 2.0 presentation, HUD Action Plan Public Hearing. Updated Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee meeting and Current Events.
27-Mar-2010 Added Beat Reporter Proposal. Revised CSS for H1 and H2. Updated quotation. Added A.S. FEIR comment period and A.S. PAC meeting. Updated Current Events.
21-Mar-2010 Added: Parks & Open Space Committee Meeting, MAPC Bike Meeting, Conservation Commission Meeting, Access Advisory Committee Meeting, Mass Development Financing Program Meeting, MBTA Rider Oversight Committee Meeting, Powder House Community School Meeting. Updated Coming Events.
15-Mar-2010 Added Committee on Housing and Community Development meeting. Tweaks to Imprinting.
14-Mar-2010 Added Morse and Dickerman Park Meeting, Legislative Matters Meeting, ADA Compliance Plan Meeting, MPO Long Range Transportation Plan meeting. Updated Coming Events.
7-Mar-2010 Updated Coming Events. Tweaks to Imprinting.
6-Mar-2010 Added Imprinting. Updated quotation.
1-Mar-2010 Added link to Listening Session on MPO Public Participation Plan.
28-Feb-2010 Added Land Use Committee event regarding senior housing ordinance. Added Land Use Committee and Planning Board Joint Meeting. Added link to I-93 Air Pollution paper. Updated Coming Events and next Comprehensive Plan Meeting.
21-Feb-2010 Added blog entry for HUD Action Plan hearing. Added Union Square Update meeting, Davis Square Visioning Meeting, Assembly Square PAC meeting Red Line/Blue Line Connector meeting, H & CD Committee meeting. Added Davis Square Upgrade project description. Updated HUD Action Plan, Washington Street Upgrade, Union Square Upgrade project descriptions. Updated Coming Events and Quotation.
14-Feb-2010 Updated Coming Events. Added Access Advisory Committee meeting, MBTA Rider Oversight Committee meeting, Transportation Planning and Programming Committee meeting.
13-Feb-2010 Added SomervilleVoices blog entry. Split Governmental Information Sources into three topics, one each for city, state, and federal governments.
11-Feb-2010 Added speaker info and topic to 2/16 Comprehensive Plan meeting event.
10-Feb-2010 Added blog entry on Albert Brooks article. Reorganized blog entry TOC. Added Public Hearing for HUD Action Plan to Events. Added HUD Action Plan to Planning Activities. Added MIT MS Thesis on Housing link to Green Line Extension and updated URban Ring Project. Added Office of Sustainability and Environment, You Move Massachusetts to Government Sources. Added MoveMass.org to Nonprofit Sources. Added HUD Action Plan Meeting Flyer to Policy. Updated quotation. Made some link titles consistent.
08-Feb-2010 Enabled Feb. 8 week in Coming Events. Added the following events: Comment Period on Amendment to MPO Public Participation Plan, Committee on Legislative Matters, RTA Council Meeting, Presentation on Disaster Planning. Added the following information sources: MPO TIP Database, MetroFuture.org. Updated quotation.
31-Jan-2010 Updated "The Scene of the Heaving Bedclothes." Moved Comprehensive Planning session to Feb. 16. Added MetroBuston DataCommon and Boston Society of Civil Engineers as sources. Added events: SomeSense meeting, MassDOT Community Forum, MyRWA Committee Meetings, Smart Growth presentation, T Funding presentation, MetroBoston DataCommon training. Updated quotation. Fixed bad links to Livable Streets calendar.
25-Jan-2010 Fixed some typos.
24-Jan-2010 Added MAPC training session on the Mystic River DataCommon. Added Mystic River DataCommon and Somerville Community Snapshot links. Added link to CTPS Statement of Work on Green Line FEIR. Updated coming events index.
23-Jan-2010 Added Housing and Community Development Committee meeting, STEP meeting, Health and Safety Committee meeting, Walkable Community Workshop, link to STEP remarks on Green Line DEIR.
19-Jan-2010 Added link to Green Line Extension DEIR Certificate.
17-Jan-2010 Added workshop on Somerville commissions. Updated Coming Events and Quotations. Began putting current week on Latest Updates page. Updated event format.
10-Jan-2010 Added Somerville Design Review Committee meeting. Added link to IKEA Design Review minutes and to FinComm Minutes regarding actions in support of iCubed funding for Assembly Square. Added Davis Square Task Force link and meeting. Added MPO Rider Advisory and Access Committee meetings.
4-Jan-2010 Updated MaxPack and Community Path project entries. Tweaked format.
3-Jan-2010 Added Green Line Extension DEIR Testimony and links thereto. Updated Current Events to next week. Added links to Policy index. Fixed bad links in current events archive.
1-Jan-2010 Added MPO Transportation Planning Committee public meeting, Sullivan Square/Rutherford Avenue public hearing, Washington Street road improvements hearing, Washington Street improvements project, Federal Department of Transportation source, American Public Transportation Association source.
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