2009 Revision History

31-Dec-2009 Added Beacon Street Hotel development, BOA Organizational Meeting and Inauguration, BOA Committee on Housing and Community Development meeting, Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing, BOA Committee on Parks and Open Space meeting, Conservation Commission Meeting, Bicycle Committee Meeting, Finance Committee Meeting.
30-Dec-2009 Aded EPA Mystic River Water Quality Science Subcommittee Meeting.
29-Dec-2009 Added Assembly Square PAC Meeting, MyRWA Committee Meeting, MyRWA "DoughRaiser" Event, MyRWA Lower Mystic Initiative Presentation, Mystic River Herring Run and Paddle Festival. Updated quotation.
27-Dec-2009 Added Assembly Square Orange Line Station 30% Design meeting and updated project description.
21-Dec-2009 Added MBTA Rider Oversight Committee meeting event.
14-Dec-2009 Added Assembly on Mystic Holiday Drive event.
13-Dec-2009 Updated Current Events. Simplified Event running heads/feet and copied to reference topics. Added Wellington Underpass event. Dec. 17. Added link to Community Transportation Technical Assistance Program.
10-Dec-2009 Marked Housing & Community Development meeting 12/14 as postponed.
6-Dec-2009 Updated Current Events to next week. Added Health and Safety Committee and Playground Renovations meetings. Added Green Line Maintenance Facility meeting.
29-Nov-2009 Updated Current Events to next week. Updated nonprofit info sources.
28-Nov-2009 Added links to Comprehensive Plan meetings out to May.
27-Nov-2009 Added links to city calendars for neighboring cities (Arlington, Cambridge, Medford, Everett). Added calendar links to event page headers/footers.
26-Nov-2009 Added Green Roofs Forum meeting. Added Apex Green Roofs, Earthworm Recycling, Regina Villa Associates. Added placeholder event weeks out to June 2010.
25-Nov-2009 Added dates, places, and links for Ward 2, 4, 5, 7 ResiStat meetings. Added entries on Somerville Health presentation and on FinComm, Urban Ring, Red Line/Blue Line meetings. Updated quotation.
22-Nov-2009 Added ResiStat meetings from now to end of year.
18-Nov-2009 Updated Green Line DEIR comments due date to 1/8/10, per hearing.
15-Nov-2009 Added December Comprehensive Plan Visioning Meeting events.
14-Nov-2009 Added Somerville Parking Rules forum event.
10-Nov-2009 Added link to City Agenda and Minutes page to Events listings. Added WITI? link to event listings.
08-Nov-2009 Added agenda to 11/9 FinComm meeting, added Dec. 14 Housing and Comm Devel meeting re 2nd head house. Added link to City of Somerville calendar to all event pages.
04-Nov-2009 Rescheduled FinComm meeting to Nov. 9, added note regarding Beacon Hotel.
03-Nov-2009 Added STEP DEIR Community Meeting.
02-Nov-2009 Rescheduled Nov. 5 MPO meeting.
01-Nov-2009 Created and linked 2009 and 2010 subarchives. Made changes to remove routine City meetings and add link to City Calendar. Updated Nov. 5 Land Use/Planning Board meeting to call out public hearing.
25-Oct-2009 Added Mystic River Corridor Strategy Project and the Rail-volution 2009 conference.
18-Oct-2009 Added Green Line DEIR event. Updated site for next two week's events.
11-Oct-2009 Updated site (minimally) for next week's events.
04-Oct-2009 Updated site for next two weeks' events.
01-Oct-2009 Changed date of Riverfest to weekend of 10/10/09.
27-Sep-2009 Updated Current Events to week of 9/28/09. Added agenda and Comp Plan link.
21-Sep-2009 Added TIP MPO E-mail.
20-Sep-2009 Updated Current Events, Current Projects (to add iCubed reference), info sources (Open Data for MA Transportation).
13-Sep-2009 Added Rebekah Gewirtz e-mail, link to Wig Zamore A.S. T-Stop presentation, added SIP comments to EOT, updated Current events.
10-Sep-2009 Added MyRWA Annual Meeting 10/29/09.
08-Sep-2009 Added location of Citizen Scientist meeting.
06-Sep-2009 Added Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee meetings.
31-Aug-2009 Added Assembly Square PAC meeting 9/8/09. Fixed MPO Status meeting date.
30-Aug-2009 Updated Current Events and Development Projects. Extended Current Events framework to Jan 2010.
28-Aug-2009 Updated Development Projects to make clear that Green Line Extension and Assembly Square T-Stop are scheduled in 2014, not 2020.
23-Aug-2009 Removed ASMUD draft amendments and replaced with link to actual ordinance. Updated Current Events and Development Projects. Changed all links to third-party main pages to open in separate window.
17-Aug-2009 Split event sources into government, nonprofit, private sector pages. Updated Current Events. Validated against XHTML 1.0 transitional.
09-Aug-2009 Added Urban Ring comment and "Free Market Loves Me". Updated Current Events.
02-Aug-2009 Reformatted Current Projects table with anchors.
26-Jul-2009 Fixed Humor list to add missing items. Added hearing on MA Ambient Air Quality Standards and other new items. Added Current Projects and separated Event Sources as separate topics. Added link to topic on oral testimony.
19-Jul-2009 Updated Coming Events. Added MPO and Sullivan Square meetings. Added link to AutoTuneTheNews #5.
14-Jul-2009 Added MassHighway notice on Assembly Square improvements.
12-Jul-2009 Updated Coming Events. Simplified format.
6-Jul-2009 Updated Coming Events.
5-Jul-2009 Added Coming Events for week of 7/6/09. Removed alphabetical archive indexes as too much maintenance. Updated introduction and Scene of the Heaving Bedclothes. Simplified contents page.
28-Jun-2009 Added Coming Events for week of 6/29/09. Began simplifying site links. Added Scene of the Heaving Bedclothes.
21-Jun-2009 Added Upcoming Events for week of 6/22/09 with selected future events.
14-Jun-2009 Added Coming Events feature and Upcoming Events for week of 6/14/09-6/21/09. Moved quotations out to separate file.
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