2005-2008 Revision History

30-Dec-2008 Added "Persecution Complex". Added blog entries. Updated quotation.
24-May-2008 Fixed typo in "Desperate Housewife," updated mailto address. Added "Change the Game".
16-Mar-2008 Added "Desperate Housewife." Updated quotation, changed mailto address.
24-Oct-2007 Added commentary "Thank You, Japan". Updated quotation.
30-Aug-2007 Added policy and archived "Testimony Regarding Assembly Square Phase 1-AA Final Submission." Updated quotation.
16-Aug-2007 Updated "On Retirement" and quotation. Added commentary "Surprises". Changed running text type to sans serif for readability; left heads serif.
17-Jul-2007 Added commentary "On Retirement". Updated quotation. Made changes toward XHTML compliance.
22-May-2007 Added commentary "The Wisteria".
15-May-2007 Added poetry "I'm Nobody! Who are you?" and humor "The Ten Ages of Man." Updated quotation.
07-May-2007 Added commentary "Who Are These People?".
29-Apr-2007 Updated "Dubya Dreams". Added "Assembly Square MEPA Testimony" link to Recent Updates. Reinstated Recent Uploads links to "The First Circle", "Ulysses", and "A First Experience of the Golden Rule" to include up to 3 recent or key uploads. Updated quotation.
26-Apr-2007 Updated "Let's Not Leave It To The Professionals."
22-Apr-2007 Added article "Dubya Dreams." Updated quotation.
19-Apr-2007 Updated "Let's Not Leave It To The Professionals."
17-Apr-2007 Added article to commentary, "Let's Not Leave It To The Professionals." Updated quotation.
08-Apr-2007 Added article to policy, "Assembly Square MEPA Testimony". Updated quotation.
03-Apr-2007 Tweaked article "In Vino Veritas". Fixed some link bugs.
01-Apr-2007 Added article to commentary, "In Vino Veritas". Updated quotation.
25-Mar-2007 Added article "On the Origin of Folk Tales." Added link to U.S. and World population clocks. Fixed some link target problems.
20-Mar-2007 Updated quotation.
18-Mar-2007 Added article "The Burden of Immortality" to Commentary. Added link to "Viking Kittens". Continued process of converting site to use CSS styles.
11-Mar-2007 Added article "The Tiger" to Poetry. Moved "America the Beautiful" article to Poetry. Updated "The First Circle" with some thoughts based on remarks by Elizabeth R. and Paul B. Began process of converting site to use CSS styles.
04-Mar-2007 Removed "articles" directory and references thereto. Updated introduction as necessary. Raised the number of articles per category in the latest uploads page to two. Added article "The First Circle". Updated latest uploads page and quotation.
25-Feb-2007 Added fiction piece "A Quiet Afternoon Underground". Merged group "politics" into group "commentary". Moved subdirectories of "articles" directory up to main level. Added titles and keywords throughout. Updated introduction to reflect structural modifications.
18-Feb-2007 Added link to "The Adventures of Action Item". Added commentary piece, "Quality." Cut back LatestUploads page to one or two items per category and moved Articles categories into Contents page for flatter presentation. Updated quotation.
11-Feb-2007 Added John Browne's "The Bug Count Also Rises." Updated quotation.
10-Oct-2006 Fixed link error in "fiction" reference on LatestUploads page.
07-Oct-2006 Tweaked "Dukkha" and "The Fan and the Sword" . Updated header quotations and some indexes.
03-Oct-2006 Added "Dukkha" to group "commentary".
28-Sep-2006 Tweaked "Golden Rule".
25-Sep-2006 Added group "fiction" and added article fiction::"A First Experience of the Golden Rule."
04-Sep-2006 Updated Davis Square Bridge Club article to reflect new venue and added note on new venue to Situation Update. Updated and moved article on speaking for public participation into articles:policy. Added article "Being Suckered: Con Games" to latest uploads and to articles:politics. Added "Somerville Hospital" to articles:humor. Uploaded tweaks to some of the humorous songs.
24-Jun-2006 Updated article on speaking for public participation. Tweaked "Love is a Many-Legged Thing" to make it a little more accurate about the eating and reproductive habits of millipedes (millipedes need love too!). Made background color a little more subtle.
19-Jun-2006 Moved Assembly Square ASMUD WITI article into articles:policy, changing indexes as necessary. Added new section to latest uploads page, Situation Update, and added a new WITI article, "Structuring Oral Testimony for Public Participation".

Added Assembly Square Mixed-Use District zoning and testimony. Reformatted top of latest uploads to provide space for an This Is Important, Why? column, in different format. Squeezed some space out of inlinks to allow more to fit on a page and in the contents column. Later: changed my mind about running up the entire entry as one block in the articles window and contents window. Also changed column name to Why Is This Important? and added subhead under it: these will become entries in an article subcategory called WhyIsThisImportant. Made teaser page subheads "More Bridge", "More Commentary", etc.


Further simplified the site structure, reducing the number of top-level frames to three, merging the yearly archive up into the archive directory, adding a Published Index link, and consolidating all alphabetical index files into one file accessed by link targets. Merged quotations file with header and copyright boilerplate with contents.

Substantive changes: Added first-lines to all references. Added "Xenophobia Forever", removed some of the less important links from the recent uploads page, and added a link to a remake of the "Worst Music Video Candidate".


The most important decision I have made about this site is to remove multiple semantic connections between topic areas as too hard to maintain by hand. I will continue to maintain the "Archive" of previously-published material and the alphabetical listing, and develop a flatter format to make it easier for a user to see all categories at once. The other important decision I've made about this site is that I have decided to reformat this particular page in table format in order to gradually expand it into a personal log as well as a dry-as-dust revision history.

Specific changes: I have turned the top-level default article into a table containing the most recent or most important uploads in a particular category. I have removed the separate category Articles:Testimony and merged Policy:Development and Policy:Transportation up into Policy and moved Games:Bridge up under Articles. I have also added a category of articles, "Poetry," deleted "Letters To The Editor", and replaced it with a category "Commentary". I have added several humorous song-manglings and some political commentary.

26-Feb-2006 Added link to Somerville Journal article "Playing Bridge brings people together at the Someday" to Game:Bridge and to AlphabeticalList:Papa. Updated "Adaptive and Nonadaptive Policy Behavior" to add name and date of publication in Somerville Journal.
21-Feb-2006 Added letter "Adaptive and Nonadaptive Policy Behavior" to Archive:2006 with links from Letters to the Editor, Policy:Development, and AlphabeticalIndex:Alpha.
07-Feb-2006 Added letter "Why Somerville's Being Left Behind" to Archive:2006 with links from Letters to the Editor, Policy:Development, and Politics. Added "Links" folder linked to from Contents. Changed style of archive references (smaller brown type, not part of link). Modified indices to introduce Contents above Archives, Articles, Links, and Quotations frames. Added "Funny Cats Video" to Archive:Humor and External Links folder. Added folder Alphabetical Index and index files by standard radio phonemics.
04-Feb-2006 Updated Japan Times letter with new link. Added external link to American Contract Bridge league to Games:Bridge index. Marked external links by italicizing them and updated the Introduction to reflect this change. Updated indexes as appropriate. Added Humor folder and index.
02-Feb-2006 Updated Score Sheet format to be more readable and to have better labels.
31-Jan-2006 Updated world population estimate in Article:Introduction. (It's hard to become a voice amid a texture.) Added Human Obedience Training article to Politics and pointed to it from new UnwelcomeTruths:Index, which also points to On Politics. Revised folders to lowercase to avoid problems with case sensitivity.
27-Jan-2006 Added Revision History page with inferred history. Updated Archive:2006 and Games:Bridge indexes. Updated link to Japan Times letter and replaced OpenBids page with link to Tony's bridge web site. Updated On Bridge article and main-page quote. Added background color on nonarticle pages.
23-Jan-2006 Updated Politics folder and Letters to the Editor folder and index.
21-Jan-2006 Added Policy, :Development, and :Transportation folders and indexes. Added Archive:2005 folder and index. Added Letters to the Editor and Testimony folders and indexes. Added 060120 Boston Globe Assembly Square letter, 060117 DEP transportation plan to 2006 archive. Added 051119 Boston Phoenix letter to 2005 archive. Updated main page footer boilerplate, Articles Introduction. Updated Politics article in Politics folder.
08-Jan-2006 Added America the Beautiful article to Politics folder.
05-Jan-2006 Updated Honest Politician's Answering Machine message in Politics folder.
16-Dec-2005 Created main folders Politics, Policy. Updated Articles index and Introduction. Added Games:Bridge folder with Chicago Scoring, Davis Square Bridge Club, Score Sheet, short Bridge article, and edit of Tony's bidding sheet.
04-Dec-2005 Created initial main page design, first draft of Honest Politician's Answering Machine message, Introduction.