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Economics of Happiness Flyer (PDF)
(Posted 20-Mar-2011)

Structuring Oral Testimony for Public Participation
(Updated 26-Jul-2009)

U.S. and World Population Clocks


The Beat Reporter Project

Introducing the Beat Reporter Project
(Posted 18-Jul-2010)

Beat Reporter Project Proposal
(Updated 18-Jul-2010)

Somerville Development Planning

Wynn Everett SFEIR Distribution Letter (PDF)
Wynn Everett SFEIR Vol. 1 (PDF)
Wynn Everett SFEIR Vol. 2 (PDF)

Wynn Everett DEIR Distribution Letter (PDF)
Wynn Everett DEIR Vol. 1 (PDF)
Wynn Everett DEIR Vol. 2 (PDF)


Comprehensive Plan SomerVision Flier (PDF)
(Posted 14-Feb-2011)

11/14/10 Subcommittee Draft Policies and Actions (PDF)
(Posted 14-Nov-2010)

Somerville Zoning Map (PDF)
(Posted 7-Nov-2010)

Large Retail Parking Ordinance (PDF)
Large Retail Parking Ordinance Staff Report (PDF)

(Posted 7-Nov-2010)

Ocean State Job Lot Meeting Flier (PDF)
(Posted 27-Jun-2010)

HUD Action Plan Meeting Flier (PDF)
(Posted 10-Feb-2010)

SomerVision Flier (PDF)
(Posted 15-Nov-2009)

Mayor Curtatone Welcome Letter (PDF)
(Posted 6-Sep-2009)

Vision for Porter Square Testimony (Submitted to City of Somerville Director of Economic Development 5/31/09)
(Posted 5-Jul-2009)

Assembly Square

Assembly Square Self-Storage Ordinance (PDF)
(Posted 19-Sep-2010)

Short-term variation in near-highway air pollutant gradients on a winter morning (J. L. Durant, et al. Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 10, 5599-5626, 2010) (PDF) (Link to technical paper on air pollution along I-93 )
(Posted 28-Feb-2010)

Comments to Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz on Assembly Square T-Stop (Submitted 9/12/09 as testimony toward 9/16/09 Finance Committee hearing)
(Posted 13-Sep-2009)

Background Information and Recommendations for the Design of the Assembly Square T Stop Prepared by Wig Zamore, MVTF and STEP (PDF)
(Posted 13-Sep-2009)

Assembly Square Draft Environmental Impact Report Testimony (Submitted to EOEA 8/10/08)
(Posted 5-Jul-2009)

Adaptive and Nonadaptive Policy Behavior

Assembly Square MEPA Testimony

Assembly Square Mixed-Use District Zoning

Smart Location, Not Smart Development

Testimony on Assembly Square Mixed-Use Zoning Amendments, First Roche Version

Testimony Regarding Assembly Square Phase 1-AA Final Submission


Gilman Walk Flier (PDF)
(Posted 20-Nov-2010)

Green Line Extension Draft Environmental Impact Report Testimony (Submitted to EOEA 1/3/10)
(Posted 3-Jan-2010)

E-Mail Comments to MPO on Draft 2010-2013 TIP and Air Quality Conformity Determination (Submitted to MPO 9/21/09)
(Posted 21-Sep-2009)

Comments to EOT on SIP Transit Commitments 2009 Status Report and Draft 2010-2013 TIP and Air Quality Conformity Determination (Submitted to EOT 9/13/09)
(Posted 13-Sep-2009)

Comments on Urban Ring Phase 2 Notice of Project Change EEA #12565
(Submitted to Executive Office of Environmental Affairs 8/7/09)
(Posted 9-Aug-2009)

Testimony for Boston MPO Program for Mass Transportation (Submitted to Boston MPO PMT 5/31/09)
(Posted 5-Jul-2009)

Bring the Green Line to Somerville