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My God's Better Than Your God
(Uploaded 22-Aug-2010)

Free Market Loves Me
(Uploaded 09-Aug-2009)

Viking Kittens
(Link updated 19-Jul-2009)

Auto-Tune the News (American blessings)
(Linked 18-Jul-2009)

The Ten Ages of Man (Anonymous)
(Uploaded 15-May-2007)

Dubya Dreams
(Updated 29-Apr-2007)

The Adventures of Action Item, Professional Superhero!
(Linked 17-Feb-2007)

The Bug Count Also Rises (John Browne)
(Uploaded 11-Feb-2007)

They'll Be Drivin' To IKEA When They Come
(Updated 04-Sep-2006)

Love Is A Many-Legged Thing
(Updated 24-Jun-2006)

Worst Music Video Candidate: "I Wanna Love You Tender" (Armi & Danny)
(Relinked 1-Apr-2013)

Worst Music Video Candidate Remake: "I Wanna Love You Tender" (Armi & Danny)
(Linked 12-Jun-2006)

Xenophobia Forever
(Uploaded 12-Jun-2006)

It Couldn't Happen Here: Mayor Moolaman Runs for the House.
(Updated 04-Jun-2006)

I've Been Drivin' In Somerville
(Updated 04-Jun-2006)

Somerville Hospital
(Updated 04-Jun-2006)

On Top of Old Asphalt
(Uploaded 04-Jun-2006)

Slinking in the Drain
(Uploaded 04-Jun-2006)

Funny Cats Video
(Linked 07-Feb-2006)

Human Obedience Training
(Updated 31-Jan-2006)

Dork Tower
(Linked ~31-Jan-2006)

(Linked ~31-Jan-2006)

An Honest Politician's Voicemail Message
(Updated 30-Jun-2013)