Chicago Style Scoring

This page describes Chicago Style scoring as interpreted by the Davis Square Bridge Club in Somerville, Massachusetts. To make the scoring more similar to Duplicate Bridge rules, the standard Chicago Scoring rules have been changed slightly to remove any carryover from hand to hand.

There are four hands per game. Scores for particular pairings are recorded. (This is to allow for extra people cycling in and out, which happens most weeks.) People cycle in and out once per 4-hand game, in that way experiencing all of the combinations of vulnerability. Individuals cut for "North", which deals first; the deal then passes clockwise around the table. In each game, the four possible combinations of Vulnerability are enumerated as follows:

Hand #1: Neither Vulnerable
Hand #2: East-West Vulnerable, North-South Not Vulnerable
Hand #3: North-South Vulnerable, East-West Not Vulnerable
Hand #4: Both Vulnerable.

This amounts to the rule that in the first hand (in which North deals), nobody is vulnerable; for the next two hands, the dealer's side is vulnerable; and in the last hand, both sides are vulnerable.

The scoring follows Duplicate rules, in turn derived from Rubber rules.