Comments to Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz on Assembly Square T-Stop

(Submitted 9/12/09 as testimony toward 9/16/09 Finance Committee hearing)


I'm taking this opportunity to pass on to you some material in preparation for next Wednesday's Finance Committee meeting on the iCubed funding for Assembly Square. As you may know, MVTF settled a lawsuit with Assembly Square Limited Partnership and IKEA with terms that included a contribution of $15 million toward the Assembly Square T-Stop (see Because the $50 M iCubed funding is to be applied in part toward the T-Stop, this $15 M is available for constructing a second head house at the IKEA end of the proposed Assembly Square T-Stop platform and connecting this head house to the IKEA store. This would provide easy access to IKEA for the million or so T-riders that will be going by on the Orange Line and make compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act easier for the T at this site.

[Following is a link to Wig Zamore's presentation on the second head house (PDF)] and related environmental issues.

Thank you for your attention.

David Dahlbacka