Rebekah Gewirtz and Somerville's Power Elite

(Boston Phoenix, submitted 11/19/05)

November 19, 2005

Editor, The Boston Phoenix

Dear Editor:

In the 11/18/05 Phoenix article “Alderwoman Interrupted,” I read how “Alan”, from Ward 3, accosted Ward 6 Alderman-elect Rebekah Gewirtz in the Diesel Cafe in Davis Square. “Alan” first interrupted her interview with the Phoenix reporter, then insisted on asking her about Alderman-At-Large candidate Marty Martinez, then accused her of “brushing off” a fifth-generation Somervillian when she asked him politely to let her finish her interview and talk to him afterwards.

Why was he so offensive? The article referred to an “old-versus-new clash,” but I believe the problem is more basic. Rebekah Gewirtz is not a member of the Somerville power elite. She will not “go along to get along” as the previous Ward 6 Alderman did; therefore, she represents a threat to their privileges.

If the Somerville power elite were getting the job done, I’d tolerate their privileges. However, for decades they’ve treated Somerville as their personal property while running its finances into the ground. Between 1980 and 2000, while cities around Somerville were building 100 million square feet of high-tax-revenue office space, the Somerville power elite were finding jobs for their cronies and whining to the State for subsidies. It’s past time for a change. You go, Rebekah!


David Dahlbacka
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